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At Oriflame By Emma, the client always comes first. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a more comprehensive approach to beauty, our priority is focused on exceeding expectations in order to make you feel wonderful. You are cordially invited to browse our site and get in touch with any doubts. Welcome.

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About Oriflame

Beauty by Sweden

Oriflame, the beauty company like no other. 

Inspired by nature and their Swedish culture, Oriflame believe in looking beautiful both inside and out. With that in mind Oriflame have produced world class skincare and wellness products. Giving you both a healthy lifestyle and confidence with beautiful looking skin. 

Oriflame have created patented stem cell skin care products that produce unbelievable results. I personally use Oriflame's NovAge Ecollagen range, within a week I was seeing improvements with my skin, this is my new forever skincare range. 

Oriflame is a direct selling company that have been in the UK for 50 years, with consultants up and down the country, delivering high quality catalogues that sell and promote the Oriflame products. 

Oriflame really care about their consultants with a competitive payment plan and incentives that take them all over the world.

As well as caring and looking after their consultants, Oriflame also care about the planet. Oriflame have strong ethics when it comes to the environment and use sustainable energy, all ingredients are ethnically sourced. Oriflame a  company, that really cares about there impact on the world and the people around them. 


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Why choose Oriflame

If you have a passion for wellness and beauty, you'd like to make a little extra income or would like to put more hours in and make a full time income, then why not join Oriflame?

Oriflame is a work from home business offering you the flexibility to work around your lifestyle. It offers a great additional income with the option of building unlimited extra income. 

Oriflame offer a combination of e-commerce and direct selling and catalogue distribution, giving you the option to work online, offline or both. 

There are two main way of earning money with Oriflame, the first is retailing where you make money promoting Oriflame products either online or via catalogue distribution and any sales you get from this will receive either 20%-30% discount that goes straight to you. Every order no matter the order size will receive a discount meaning you can start earning from day one. 

The second way to earn money with Oriflame is with network marketing, mentoring and building a team. With team building on top of your 20%-30% you receive additional commission based on your teams performance. The more effort you put in your team the greater your earning potential with Oriflame.  

If that didn't all sound amazing, Oriflame also offer a fast track program at the beginning of your journey. This is to help you get your business off on the right footing. This 90 day program doesn't just give you great information to give you a boost, it also offers come fantastic incentives, free products and cash bonuses. 

Throughout your entire Oriflame journey you will receive great incentives to work towards, some are free products, cash bonuses and also to make it all the more magical, trips all over the world, now who doesn't want to travel the world!


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