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As a consultant with Oriflame you have the ability to work online, offline or both. If you chose to work offline, you can share sell products you have brought, or distribute catalogue to generate sales. 

If you pick to work online, you can share and promote products via social media, blogging, emails, etc. If the customer is interested in the products you are promoting you send them on to your personal beauty store where they can purchase the product. 

When you join Oriflame you will be asked to pay a joining fee of £39 and you will receive a starter kit in the post. This kit contains samples, and 4 best selling products to try and use. These samples are brilliant to get people interested in your business. You can hand them out to potential customer, or you can do giver aways online to generate interest. 

With a full back office, e-learning, a supportive upline and training given you have the ability to generate a successful business.

With Oriflame you have two main sources of income, first is retail. You will receive 20-30% off every order you place. The more you generate in orders the more you earns. 

The second source is through mentoring. If you are interested in building a team and training them to work to their fullest you have the ability to earn commission from their sales. 

As well as earning, Oriflame rewards hard work with holidays abroad, cash bonuses and free products. If this all sounds brilliant just click the join now button and fill in the registration form. 


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